In November 2020, I collaborated with Oscillo Biosciences to create a website to share with their audience how they treat Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (by awakening the brain by combining the power of music with the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience). That was an opportunity for me to support a more significant cause and to show my design skills in a project related to the biotech industry. The first challenge was forming a team and creating the visual material that makes their approach perceivable to a broader audience. The second challenge was to create a website that could help potential partners (investors) understand the actual benefits of this project and the market opportunity potential by using innovative treatment methods that will make their entrance into the biotech industry. The results were a website and graphics that exceed the industry’s standards and will provide them with the proper support in closing the first funding round.
Form a design team. Conduct market research. Conduct user research. Concept development. Create UI & style guide. Create visual(infographics).
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Oscillo biosciences
7 weeks

Stage 1: UNDERSTAND (Research)

Keywords: Business Requirements | Competitor Analysis |  Interviews | Requirements

Purpose of Website & Business Requirements

The first challenge was to understand the role of the website at the business’s current stage and its purpose as the company develops. Based on the current business requirements it was clear that:

OUR GOAL* was to create an industry’s (biotech) standard website that currently will help us find new partners and reach the business’s upcoming milestones. Furthermore, one of the website’s primary functions is to adapt to the target audience as the company progresses from seeking investment into the commercialization stages.

* The goal served as a compass for any decisions made regarding the website’s design.

Competitor Analysis

Reviewing 45 competitors (Biotech startups from A to D level) (market profile, competitor profile,  UX analysis)  helped us understand what the market’s demand is regarding the level of quality (both for experience and style). Also, we gained a first impression (hypothesis) of the architecture, sitemaps, and content that we needed to develop.


We interviewed two stakeholders that provided us with insights for two different purposes. One provided insights regarding the market demands, the type of content needed to be presented for potential partners. In other words, what are investors looking for in a biotech startup. The other interview provided us with an explanation of the science behind the startup’s proposed therapy, a description of the technology involved, and valid proofs that needed to be shown. In other words, help us describe what makes this attempt different from any other similar attempts in the biotech market.

Affinity Map that resulted from the interviews

The Requirements

Based on the insights collected in the first stage (interviews and competitor analysis), we created the following requirements:

A Motion graphic for the Hero section that gives an excellent first impression.
A page where the scientific facts back up the methodology and explain the technique thoroughly.
The website must help potential partners orient themselves to what they want to see in business or science.
One page must be dedicated to the biographies of the stakeholders.
The site needs space to show future trials and to share related articles.
The website must contain nothing more and nothing less than and be as minimal as possible.
KEYWORDS: The visual elements must give to the visitor of the website a sense of trust, empathy, calmness, progressiveness and minimal.

Stage 2: DEVELOPMENT (Wireframes, Content, Style Guide)

Keywords: Business Requirements | Competitor Analysis |  Interviews | Requirements


The aforementioned requirements formed the base for the creation of sitemaps and the wireframes later on FIGMA.

Style Guide

The style guide was inspired by the insights gathered through the competitor analysis and from the interviews. What we tried to achieve is a style recognizable as biotech combined with a style found more often in the contemporary startup scene.

Keywords: trust, empathy, calmness, progressiveness, minimal

Content: Main Page

Every page on this website had a purpose of its own. The main page provided an introduction to Oscillo’s goal and its technological approach, together with numbers that reveal the urge and global need for innovative solutions that will support conventional treatment methods.

Content: Science Page (infographics)

From the requirements, we had to clearly explain the benefits related to various types of brain waves.  Therefore, I created a graph based on the website’s style guide that compiles, presents, and allows the reader to scan through each of the brainwaves’ benefits. Another essential task was to explain how our approach works and what other beneficial features for both the patient and the medical professionals are coming along. Therefore, I created another graph showing our audience (potential partners) what the technique will be behind our approach.

RESULTS (Current Version)

The final results are a website ready to support our goal in finding new partners that can join and contribute to our cause of fighting one of the world’s fastest expanding diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Its minimal layout containing (for now) a home page, a science page, an about page, contact page, and publications helps the visitors gain more information about the urgency behind this attempt and see the potential of the technology we are trying to develop. Most importantly, the website in its current state is ready to show to investors how Oscillo biosciences want to share with the world how harnessing our brainwaves open new chapters about progressive  ways of supporting the treatment of such diseases.

CLICK HERE to see the website

Conclusions & Next steps

Overall, this project is an excellent introduction to the biotech industry. I had a closer look at what it takes for startups within this industry to reach innovations.

The next significant step (upgrading) will be to add the page with the clinical trials or announce other milestones that the company is about to reach. We could also run tests with possible users and inspect how recognizable the theme is by a broader audience.

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