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This is THETA

‘this is THETA’ , an Athens based brand, is a community for small scale craftsmen around Europe. Developing their logo was a great excuse to practice the fundamentals of branding and to apply them to a logo and to establish a strong design foundation.

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This is THETA


Brand Identity

‘this is THETA’ , an Athens based brand, is a community for small scale craftsmen around Europe. They provide a local and online platform for craftsmen to sell their pieces and connect with others in the community. Their products cater to various domestic and special occasions. Scroll down for a better overview of the branding and logo development.

Developing their logo provided the opportunity to develop and communicate the values and principles that the founders, Theoni and Kostas, had in mind but had not managed to express yet in art form. We created a set of branding values on which the logo was based.

The typography was chosen for various reasons. We had to find a Sans-Sherif font that would fit in the various application such as the online store. It had to be a font that included the Greek alphabet and was made by a Greek Principle Designer that for me as for many are also considered a type of craftsmen. In other words, the choice of the font was also based on the Branding Values.

The colour palette is based on neutral colours that embrace the contrast with the main part of the logo.

The structure of the logo offers flexibility, which It allows it to be used in various applications, from digital to hard copy, and more tactile cases such as bags or labels. 

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