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Lights of SKION

During this free project I decided to go very intuitive regarding design processes of lighting design. Lights of SKION is a research based design that allowed me to analyse and develop my personal design principles. The challenge was to not be biased and see how I would understand the marriage between materials and light. From the stories of Junishiro Tanizaki and the allegories of Plato to morphological approaches of Ingo Maurer and Andy Goldsworthy this was a fantastic journey through light and shadows.

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Lighting Design / Design Research / Materials

The first and leading source of inspiration was literary material related to the importance of light from a philosophical perspective. The practical part was mainly based on iterative modelling processes and techniques like ‘framing’.

The objective was to design with light through a research process that contained intuitive pursuit of morphological aspects through forming processes observed in nature (like tectonic movements). 

Analysing various attempts with work on light and shadows on a spatial approach and objects by artists and designers of great importance such as Anish Kapoor and Ingo Maurer. The idea of caves, alcoves and the use of material from the Far East are some examples on the above pictures that have been guided the way to the final result.

The final result was a paper composite that can be seen in the pictures from which the prototypes are made of.

Lights of SKION
Lighting Design / Design Research / Materials
Narrations of India
Illustrations / Infographics / Design Research
The Bird
Illustrations / Graphic Design / Prints