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The Bird

My favourite burger joint so far in Berlin, “The Bird”, provided me with the responsibility to make flyers equal to the quality for their burgers. As I try most of the time to make drawings instead of using photography, its was a tasty challenge for me to make the drawings as tasty as the burgers themselves.

Project details


"The Bird" in Kreuzberg


Illustrations / Graphic Design / Prints

Basically, there was the need of 2 flyers. Both of the flyers had on one side an illustration with general information about the joint. I decided to go with the exploded view - a style of sketching that I learned while studying industrial design. By this type of view I tried to point out the various cool and ‘tasty colours’ of their classic burger.

The Flyer of the ‘Not So…Angry Hour’ offer has more of a stylistic approach similar to the interior of the burger joint itself. The details are sketched and combined with typography suitable to the style of “The Bird”. Shots and Chicken Wings… Let the Friday night begin!

The first flyer was about promoting a lunch-time ‘Happy Hour’ with  movie ‘TOPGUN' as the theme. The sketch of this flyer is based on industrial design sketching methods in an attempt to draw a perfect copy of an F-14 Tomcat as seen in the movie.

The ‘MAVERICK’ Lunch offer included a "member’s card".

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The Bird
Illustrations / Graphic Design / Prints